Study: Reflective search on the Web

IMPORTANT: Please use Chrome or Firefox to work on your tasks!

Schedule Task
Pre-study Divergent thinking task
Association task
Day 1 to 14 Introduction to Transhumanism
Search task: Transhumanism – the most dangerous idea in the world?
Collect 2 Web resources per day and upload it at the Study Platform
Study Platform: User Guide
Day 1 to 5 Free recall task (working memory facet 1)
Day 5 to 9 Anti-saccade task (working memory facet 2)
Day 9 to 14 Space task (working memory facet 3)
Day 14 to 21 Write a short comment on trans-humanism briefly addressing each of the four aspects of self-optimization, cyborgization, intervene in evolution, faith in progress.

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